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Becks Furniture & Antiques has been a family tradition For over 50 years. We are a full Auction Service We specialize In Estate auctions Antiques, Furniture collectibles, Real Estate  & commercial Auctions.

If you have an estate to liquidate we will come to your home and pack every item that has value, We will carefully load the estate items and transport  your goods to a auction facility.

Or we can offer your goods on our online auctions BF&A Will come to the location and catalog the items with pictures and lot #s  and offer your goods to thousands of people online. You also have the choice to sell your goods at a live auction right onsite it is all your decision.

If you have Real Estate to sell we can offer it at auction both live and online this gives you a broader audience. the auction method of selling real Estate will keep your cost down because the buyer pays most of the cost. BF&A can also offer you the traditional method of selling trough Patrick Linquist A seasoned Real estate broker of 30 years.

History of BF&A Auctions

Fran Beck was a first generation Auctioneer.  He was an antique expert, working out of Wilton Center Illinois from the 1940's to the 1990's . 

Fran Beck mentored John in his early years of his career.   He shared his knowledge with John about the Auction Profession and the value of antiques.  Fran shared all his knowledge up until his passing.


In 1995 John  opened  Indy Post House Antiques in Indianapolis.

He gained experience through buying & selling at antique markets and auctions In Indianapolis.  He gained more knowledge by working with many seasoned Auctioneers in the city and surrounding area.


In 1996 John attended Auctioneering School with Robert Miller as his instructor. After passing the Indiana state exam for  his Auctioneers license, John opened J.C. Becks Auction service.  He had a Auction house starting in 1999 & continued until 2006.

From there John chose a career in sales & marketing which prepared BF&A for the future in auction marketing and sales.


In 2018 John opened Becks Furniture & Antiques, BF&A Auctions.

To Gain additional expertise  on new and exciting changes in Auctions, John took an extensive course at Reppert school of auctioneering.  He is fully licensed and accredited with the state of Indiana and can sell in 15 additional states.

BF&A Auctions is fully licensed and ready to serve you.

BF&A Auctions.

Becks Furniture & Antiques

Back ground
Fran becks Antique store and auction
Fran Beck's Antique & auction center. 
Auctioneer Fran Beck

Fran Beck first generation Auctioneer.

" People will cut their way through grapevines to get to an antique" 
Fran Beck

John C Beck Auctioneer

John C Beck second generation Auctioneer.

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