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Online Auction Sign

How to Register on BF&A 

Online Auction

Click ON

Scroll To the Bottom of the Page  click register

Follow instructions it will ask for your credit  card & your info 

Rest Assured your info is safe & secure.

People Bidding

How to Bid...

Click on the view Catalog  at the bottom of


page then click on the bid tab of your choice. You can place a max bid. so you won't have to watch it until you are outbid, then you will receive  an email to notification that you have been outbid.


At the end of the auction there is a soft close in the last 2 minutes. if you are outbid in the last 2 minutes revert back to  2 minutes.This prevents  bid sniping.


Sold Gavel

When the final bids are in & if you are the winning bid you will be notified by email with an invoice of your winnings.

Please look at our shipping & pick up terms.

Click on auction details then scroll down & click on shipping/ pick. 

BF&A gold logo

BF&A  Auctions Terms are located in the same area as shipping & pick up 


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